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About Us

Santa is founded in 1996 and active since on a wide variety of areas.

Mainly working on Cement Factories in particular; Sugar Factories, Powder Food Production Facilities, Thermal Power Plants, Cogeneration Facilities, Iron and Steel, Mining Facilities, facilities and businesses that use and produce bulk materials; We work on equipment and project procurement, system, equipment and material manufacturing, shipment and commissioning of new and existing facilities on a complete or unit basis.

We offer software development and consultancy services for your each and every individual requirement with custom built solutions.



Consultancy services are provided to bring your ideas into existence, from design to execution, with a full cycle of development phases. We also develop all your software requirements as a turnkey solution or mobile apps to meet your specific needs, such as implementing a new feature or integrating to a solution.


Every business and brand need their unique character to stand out from competitors. Having a custom design according to your needs and offering a better user experience is essential for all business.


We give architecture consultancy and design services for all your software requirements from your existing solutions to new projects.

Infrastructure & Cloud

Analysing the traffic and building an optimized yet sufficient infrastructure is essential for your business.


DevOps and CD/CI are indistinguishable parts of software development now. Building and managing a solid structure is extremely important.

Why choose us?

Safe and reliable for 26 years...

Expert Team:

With a skilled and experienced team we can assis all your software development requirements from design to execution and management.


We analyse your business requirements and make market research for the best result.


Our team works with precision yet fast by scaling up to your requirements for the best solution.


We give management and operation support after the implementations are complete.

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